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Interactive effects of elevated temperature and drought on plant carbon metabolism: A meta‐analysis

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Wang, Zhaoguo; Wang, Chuankuan (2023). Interactive effects of elevated temperature and drought on plant carbon metabolism: A meta‐analysis [Dataset]. Dryad.


Elevated temperature (Te) and drought often co-occur and interactively affect plant carbon (C) metabolism and thus the ecosystem C cycling, but the magnitude of their interaction is unclear, making the projection of global change impacts challenging. Here, we compiled 107 journal articles in which temperature and water availability were jointly manipulated and performed a meta-analysis of interactive effects of Te and drought on leaf photosynthesis (Agrowth) and respiration (Rgrowth) at growth temperature, nonstructural carbohydrates and biomass of plants, and their dependencies on experimental and biological moderators (e.g., treatment intensity, plant functional type). Our results showed that, overall, there was no significant interaction of Te and drought on Agrowth. Te accelerated Rgrowth under well-watered conditions rather than under drought conditions. The Te × drought interaction on leaf soluble sugar and starch concentrations were neutral and negative, respectively. The effect of Te and drought on plant biomass displayed a negative interaction, with Te deteriorating the drought impacts. Drought induced an increase in root-to-shoot ratio at ambient temperature but not at Te. The magnitudes of Te and drought negatively modulated the Te drought interactions on Agrowth. Root biomass of woody plants was more vulnerable to drought than that of herbaceous plants at ambient temperature, but this difference diminished at Te. Perennial herbs exhibited a stronger amplifying effect of Te on plant biomass in response to drought than did annual herbs. Te exacerbated the responses of Agrowth and stomatal conductance to drought for evergreen broadleaf trees rather than for deciduous broadleaf and evergreen coniferous trees. A negative Te × drought interaction on plant biomass was observed on the species level rather than on the community level. Collectively, our findings provide a mechanistic understanding of the interactive effects of Te and drought on plant C metabolism, which would improve the prediction of climate change impacts.


National Science and Technology Support Program of China, Award: 2011BAD37B01