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Human thymidylate synthase NMR relaxation data


Bonin, Jeffrey; Lee, Andrew; Sapienza, Paul (2022), Human thymidylate synthase NMR relaxation data, Dryad, Dataset,


Table of intensities of NMR signals of human thymidylate synthase in multiple bound forms from several NMR relaxation experiments. Bound forms studied include apo, dUMP (substrate) bound, TMP (product) bound, as well as apo and dUMP bound N-terminal truncation. Experiments include methyl 13C MQ and SQ CPMG, CHD2 methyl 13C CEST, CHD2 methyl 2H R2, solvent PRE, backbone amide RDC, and 15N relaxation. Details of the data collection can be found in the associated publication.


National Institutes of Health