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Enhancement of flaky graphite cleaning by ultrasonic treatment


Kang, Wenze (2019), Enhancement of flaky graphite cleaning by ultrasonic treatment , Dryad, Dataset,


In this study, the aim is to simplify the graphite cleaning processing. In order to achieve flotation for graphite effectively, ultrasonic treatment was utilized as a pre-treatment technique. Flotation tests were conducted using for different ultrasound power and ultrasonic treatment time. The influences of ultrasonic treatment on particle sizes, morphologies, wettability, content of surface elements and on the flotation effect of flaky graphite were investigated. The results of ultrasonic treatment for graphite flotation were compared to the results of conventional flotation. The results showed that ultrasonic treatment not only changed the size of flaky graphite but also eliminated impurities on the graphite surface. Additionally, ultrasonic treatment improved the hydrophobicity of graphite. The effects of ultrasound were observed that it can remove not only silicate impurities but also most other metal impurities. The yield, carbon content and recovery of flotation concentrate were 91.46%, 95.17% and 96.12% after ultrasonic treatment for 4 minutes with ultrasound power 1600W, which were 5.83%, 2.86% and 8.84% higher than that of conventional flotation, respectively. The graphite after ultrasonic treatment was conducted only one times flotation, the carbon content in concentrates products had reached 95%.This study indicates that intensifying graphite flotation by ultrasonic treatment can shorten the graphite cleaning process.