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Antibiotic phase transition curves

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Inglis, R. Fredrik (2021). Antibiotic phase transition curves [Dataset]. Dryad.


Phase transitions are an important and extensively studied concept in physics. The insights derived from understanding phase transitions in physics have also recently and successfully been applied to a number of different phenomena in biological systems. Here, we provide a brief review of phase transitions and their role in explaining biological processes ranging from collective behavior in animal flocks to neuronal firing. We also highlight a new and exciting area where phase transition theory is particularly applicable: population collapse and extinction.  We discuss how phase transition theory can give insight into a range of extinction events such as population decline due to climate change or microbial responses to environmental stressors such as antibiotic treatment.


This data was collected by using a BioTek Epoch 2 spectrophotometer. The data is absorbance at OD600nm.