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Radiation flux data of BCC-CSM-MR CMIP6 historical experiment


Boyu, Chai (2021), Radiation flux data of BCC-CSM-MR CMIP6 historical experiment, Dryad, Dataset,


The data is about radiation flux of BCC-CSM-MR CMIP6 historical experiment. Including SDLR(Surface Downwelling Longwave Radiation), SDSR(Surface Downwelling Shortwave Radiation), TISR(TOA incident shortwave radiation), and TOLR(TOA outgoing longwave radiation) from 1850-2014(using per month averaged data divided into 19 layers vertically, and a spatial resolution of 1°×1°).The time stability and the accuracy of the data are confirmed. Therefore, the BCC-CSM series in CMIP6 data has demonstrated climate simulation consistent with the actual situation in history.  


The data is downloaded from the official website of CMIP6 program. Because it is the original data, we did not process the data except for the standardized processing in our research.