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Examined specimen data from collection labels in Megachile (Austrochile) taxonomic revision

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Leijs, Remko (2024). Examined specimen data from collection labels in Megachile (Austrochile) taxonomic revision [Dataset]. Dryad.


The species in the subgenus Austrochile Michener, 1965 (genus Megachile) construct brood cells from resin that are stuck individually to twigs or in clusters on the bark of trees. We therefore propose ‘resin pot bees’ as common name for the bees in this subgenus. The species are revised and redescribed, and 78 additional species are described. The following names were synonymized:  Chalicodoma (Austrochile) subferox Meade-Waldo, 1915 syn. nov. = Megachile (Austrochile) kirbyana Cockerell, 1906 comb. nov.; Chalicodoma (Austrochile) recisa Cockerell, 1913 syn. nov., Chalicodoma (Austrochile) simpliciformis Cockerell, 1918 syn. nov., Chalicodoma (Austrochile) kirbiella Rayment, 1953 syn. nov. = Megachile (Austrochile) modesta Smith, 1892 comb. nov.; Chalicodoma (Austrochile) subremotula Rayment, 1934 syn. nov., Chalicodoma (Austrochile) portlandiana Rayment, 1953 syn. nov. = Megachile (Austrochile) rottnestensis Rayment, 1934 comb. nov.; Chalicodoma (Austrochile) sexmaculata Smith, 1868 syn. nov. = Megachile (Rozenapis) ignita Smith, 1853.

All descriptions are accompanied by high resolution diagnostic images and distribution maps. Data on flower visitation and phenology are given. Dichotomous keys to both sexes of the species are provided and interactive keys to the species will be available on the LUCID website.


Description of Examined Specimens column headers:

collection specimen repository (State Museum), for acronymes see paper repository unique specimen registration number
genus Megachile (Hymenoptera)
subgenus Megachile (subgenus Austrochile)
species known or newly described species name
sex male or female, also indicated if specimen is a holotype or allotype
locality locality description
state acronym for Australian state
date collecting date
dec lat latitude in decimal degrees
dec long longitude in decimal degrees
collectors specimen collector(s)
host plant host plant genus or species
host plant family host plant family

empty cells n/a indicate data unavailable


Specimens examined

This study is based on examination of specimens from the following institutions. Their acronyms are used in the database of the examined specimens, which is available as supplementary information associated with this paper:

AM                      Australian Museum, Sydney

ANIC                    Australian National Insect Collection, Canberra

BMNH                 The Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom

MV                      Museum of Victoria Entomology, Melbourne

QM                      Queensland Museum, Brisbane

SAMA                  South Australian Museum, Adelaide

UQIC                   University of Queensland Insect Collection, Brisbane, housed at the QM

WADA                 Department of Primary Industries, Perth, Western Australia

WAM                  Western Australia Museum, Perth



Bush Blitz Taxonomy grants