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Cheilostome cyclostome assemblage 2020

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Liow, Lee Hsiang (2021). Cheilostome cyclostome assemblage 2020 [Dataset]. Dryad.


Examining the supposition that local-scale competition drives macroevolutionary patterns has become a familiar goal in fossil biodiversity studies. But it is an elusive goal, hampered by inadequate confirmation of ecological equivalence and interactive processes between clades, patchy sampling, few comparative analyses of local species assemblages over long geologic intervals, and a dearth of appropriate statistical tools. We address these concerns by reevaluating one of the classic examples of clade displacement in the fossil record, in which cheilostome bryozoans surpass the once dominant cyclostomes. Here, we analyze a newly expanded and vetted compilation of 40,190 fossil species occurrences to estimate cheilostome and cyclostome patterns of species proportions within assemblages, global genus richness, and genus origination and extinction rates while accounting for sampling. Comparison of time series models using linear stochastic differential equations suggests that inter-clade genus origination and extinction rates are causally linked to each other in a complex feedback relationship rather than by simple correlations or unidirectional relationships, and that these rates are not causally linked to changing within-assemblage proportions of cheilostome versus cyclostome species.


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European Research Council, Award: Grant Agreement No. 724324