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Thalamic encoding of lexical status is lateralized during reading aloud


Wang, Dengyu et al. (2020), Thalamic encoding of lexical status is lateralized during reading aloud, Dryad, Dataset,


To explore whether the thalamus participates in lexical status encoding, local field potentials were recorded in patients undergoing deep brain stimulation lead implantation while they read aloud single-syllable words and nonwords. Bilateral decreases in thalamic beta (12-30Hz) activity were preferentially locked to stimulus presentation, and these decreases were greater when nonwords were read. Increased broadband gamma (70-150Hz) activity also was locked preferentially to speech onset bilaterally, but greater nonword-related increases in this activity were observed only on the left, demonstrating lateralization of thalamic broadband gamma selectivity for lexical status. In addition, this lexical status effect was strongest in more anterior thalamic locations, regions which are more likely to receive pallidal than cerebellar afferents. These results provide evidence from intracranial thalamic recordings for the lateralization and topography of subcortical lexical status processing.


National Institutes of Health, Award: U01NS098969