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Sex differences in fearful personality traits are explained by facultative calibration to physical strength

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Manson, Joseph (2022). Sex differences in fearful personality traits are explained by facultative calibration to physical strength [Dataset]. Dryad.


These five datasets include measures of physical strength (grip strength and in some samples chest strength) and self-report HEXACO Emotionality, including its four facets (Fearfulness, Anxiety, Sentimentality, and Emotional Dependance).  All five samples are comprised of undergraduate students. Samples 1 and 2 are from UC Santa Barbara.  Sample 3 is from Oklahoma State University. Sample 4 is from the University of Texas, Austin. Sample 5 is from Arizona State University.

Usage notes

p_id: participant ID
female: 1 = female, 0 = male
ethnicity, Sample 1: 1=White/Euro-American, 2=Hispanic/Latino, 3=Black/African-American, 5=Asian-American, 7=Pacific Islander, 8=Biracial, "Other," or Decline to State
ethnicity, Sample 3: 1=American Indian, 2=Asian-American, 4=Black/African-American, 5=White, 6=Hispanic/Latino, 7=Biracial, 8="Other"
ethnicity, Sample 5: 1=White/Euro-American, 2=Hispanic/Latino, 3=Black/African-American, 4=Middle Eastern, 5-7=Asian-American, 8="Other"
grip: grip strength, kg/F
chest: chest strength, kg/F

Samples 1-2, HEXACO IPIP items (7-point scale):

Anxiety, Positively Keyed:
e_anx_1: Often worry about things that turn out to be unimportant
e_anx_2: Worry about things
e_anx_3: Get stressed out easily
e_anx_4: Get upset by unpleasant thoughts that come into my mind
e_anx_5: Panic easily

Anxiety, Negatively Keyed:
e_anx_6: Rarely worry
e_anx_7: Rarely feel depressed
e_anx_8: Am not easily disturbed by events
e_anx_9: Remain calm under pressure
e_anx_10: Don't worry about things that have already happened

Emotional Dependence, Positively Keyed:

e_dep_1: Need reassurance
e_dep_2: Let myself be influenced by others
e_dep_3: Need the approval of others
e_dep_4: Need protection
e_dep_5: Often need help
e_dep_6: Show my sadness
e_dep_7: Suspect that my facial expressions give me away when I feel sad
e_dep_8: Seek support
e_dep_9: Can't do without the company of others
e_dep_10: Want to be liked

Fearfulness, Positively Keyed:

e_fear_1: Am a physical coward
e_fear_2: Begin to panic when there is danger
e_fear_3: Would fear walking in a high-crime part of a city
e_fear_4: Tremble in dangerous situations
e_fear_5: Would never go riding down a stretch of rapids in a canoe

Fearfulness, Negatively Keyed:

e_fear_6: Like to do frightening things
e_fear_7: Face danger confidently
e_fear_8: Love dangerous situations
e_fear_9: Would be good at rescuing people from a burning building
e_fear_10: Am willing to take risks

Sentimentality, Positively Keyed:

e_sen_1: Feel others' emotions
e_sen_2: Immediately feel sad when hearing of an unhappy event
e_sen_3: Cry during movies
e_sen_4: Am sensitive to the needs of others
e_sen_5: Am deeply moved by others' misfortunes

Sentimentality, Negatively Keyed:

e_sen_6: Rarely cry during sad movies
e_sen_7: Seldom feel weepy while reading the sad part of a story
e_sen_8: Am seldom bothered by the apparent suffering of strangers
e_sen_9: Don't understand people who get emotional
e_sen_10: Seldom get emotional

Samples 3-5, HEXACO-100 items (5-point scale):

hex_5: I would feel afraid if I had to travel in bad weather conditions.
hex_11: I sometimes can't help worrying about little things.
hex_17: When I suffer from a painful experience, I need someone to make me feel comfortable.
hex_23: I feel like crying when I see other people crying.
hex_29: I don’t mind doing jobs that involve dangerous work.
hex_35: I worry a lot less than most people do.
hex_41: I can handle difficult situations without needing emotional support from anyone else.
hex_47: When someone I know well is unhappy, I can almost feel that person's pain myself.
hex_53: When it comes to physical danger, I am very fearful.
hex_59: I rarely, if ever, have trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety.
hex_65: Whenever I feel worried about something, I want to share my concern with another person.
hex_71: I feel strong emotions when someone close to me is going away for a long time.
hex_77: Even in an emergency I wouldn't feel like panicking.
hex_83: I get very anxious when waiting to hear about an important decision.
hex_89: I rarely discuss my problems with other people.
hex_95: I remain unemotional even in situations where most people get very sentimental.

Scoring key for  HEXACO-100 items:

Fearfulness 5, 29R, 53, 77R Anxiety 11, 35R, 59R, 83 Dependence 17, 41R, 65, 89R Sentimentality 23, 47, 71, 95R