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2009 modeled electricity prices from HiGRID for the California grid

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Tarroja, Brian; Viers, Joshua H.; Sood, Aditya; Facincani Dourado, Gustavo (2022). 2009 modeled electricity prices from HiGRID for the California grid [Dataset]. Dryad.


This dataset was developed to be used in the CenSierraPywr model, created for the project "Optimizing Hydropower Operations While Sustaining Ecosystem Functions in a Changing Climate", for the California Energy Commission. The model that includes hydroeconomic optimization for hydropower production in the Stanislaus and Upper San Joaquin River basins in the Central Sierra Nevada, California. The two basins have high elevation reservoirs that are typically operated to maximize revenue from hydropower production. Therefore, to better represent real-world operations, the hydroeconomic optimization component incorporates wholesale electricity prices from the day-ahead market. Wholesale hourly electricity prices in the day ahead market drive much of the decision-making process in releasing water from reservoirs for hydropower production. These are hourly energy prices used to develop piecewise linear price curves that are used by the CenSierraPywr routine.


Electricity prices were derived from the energy pricing prediction output produced by an independent energy model (Holistic Grid Resource Integration and Deployment - HiGRID), developed by Tarroja et al. (2016; 2019). HiGRID is an hourly-resolved electric resource dispatch model that determines the response of electric grid resources to satisfy the temporal electric load demand profile and ancillary service requirements while maximizing the uptake of renewable and zero-carbon resources over an entire year (Tarroja and Hittinger, 2021).

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United States Department of Energy, Award: DE-IA0000018

California Energy Commission, Award: CEC 300-15-004