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Hirschfeld, Daniella; Hill, Kristina (2017). SanFranciscoBay_Adapt2SeaLevelRise_CountyData [Dataset]. Dryad.


In metropolitan regions made up of multiple independent jurisdictions, adaptation to increased coastal flooding due to sea level rise requires coordinated strategic planning of physical and organizational approaches. To better understand specific choices for sea level rise adaptation we examined potential costs to raise current protective infrastructure to future water levels. This data further explores our cost data at the county scale in an attempt to better characterize the region’s counties by their relative capacity to pay some of the costs of raising their coastal infrastructure. In reality, it is likely that the costs of any adaptation project will be borne by a mix of public agencies at different jurisdictional levels, along with private sector landowners. However, a simple ratio of tax revenues to estimated adaptation costs is likely to reveal a meaningful dimension of public-sector capacity at the county level.


McQuown Fellowship


SW 37.195331, -122.788696
NW 38.264063, -121.289063
San Francisco, CA, USA
Alameda County, CA, USA
Santa Clara County, CA, USA
San Mateo County, CA, USA
Marin County, CA, USA
Napa County, CA, USA
Solano County, CA, USA
Sonoma County, CA, USA
Contra Costa County, CA, USA