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Particle-in-cell modeling of Martian magnetic cusps

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Poppe, Andrew (2020). Particle-in-cell modeling of Martian magnetic cusps [Dataset]. Dryad.


Datasets supporting the manuscript, "Particle-in-cell modeling of Martian magnetic cusps and their role in enhancing nightside ionospheric ion escape", published in Geophysical Research Letters. All datasets are output from a 1.5-dimensional, particle-in-cell model of magnetospheric-ionospheric particle interactions along an open magnetic field line in a Martian magnetic cusp region. Particles are self-consistently traced according to the combined magnetic mirror force, parallel electrostatic fields, and Martian gravity. Particle densities, velocity distributions, and domain potentials are printed out at the end of simulations, after the establishment of steady-state conditions.

Usage notes

All files are in simple ASCII format, with descriptive headers.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Award: NNX16AR94G