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Data: Researcher Perspectives on the Use and Sharing of Software


Alnoamany, Yasmin; Borghi, John (2018), Data: Researcher Perspectives on the Use and Sharing of Software, Dryad, Dataset,


We are interested in learning about perceptions, values, and behaviors around the computer software generated as part of the research process.  To understand researchers' prespectives on software usage and sharing, we conducted an online survey sent to researchers at academic institutions throughout the United States. We used the Qualtrics platform to distribute our survey. This data set contains the responses of the survey participants after excluding any personally identifying data.

All study materials and procedures were approved by the University of California Berkeley Committee for Protection of Human Subjects and Office for the Protection of Human Subjects (protocol ID 2016-11-9358).


Survey data was collected via the Qualtrics platform. All survey questions, consent materials, and instructions are included in the file "Alnoamany_Borghi_2018_survey.pdf". Code used for data analysis can be found at

Usage notes

A description of the uploaded materials can be found in the readme file. Note that the "Alnoamany_Borghi_2018_data.csv" does not contain all of the responses from the survey questions. Responses that provided potentially identifying information were removed as were responses that will be the subject of future analysis. All variable names are listed alongside the corresponding survey question in the data dictionary.