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Data from: Table-top extreme ultraviolet second harmonic generation

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Zuerch, Michael (2021). Data from: Table-top extreme ultraviolet second harmonic generation [Dataset]. Dryad.


The lack of available table-top extreme ultraviolet (XUV) sources with high enough fluxes and coherence properties have limited the availability of nonlinear XUV and x-ray spectroscopies to free electron lasers (FEL). Here, we demonstrate second harmonic generation (SHG) on a table-top XUV source for the first time by observing SHG near the Ti M2,3-edge with a high-harmonic seeded soft x-ray laser (HHG-SXRL). Further, this experiment represents the first SHG experiment in the XUV. First-principles electronic structure calculations suggest the surface specificity and separate the observed signal into its resonant and non-resonant contributions. The realization of XUV-SHG on a table-top source opens up opportunities for the study of element-specific dynamics in multi-component systems where surface, interfacial, and bulk-phase asymmetries play a driving role in smaller-scale labs as opposed to FELs.


See associated journal article and supplementary information.

Usage notes

File contains data points for main text figures in tab-separated ASCII format. Subfolders contain raw data from the camera in Andor format.