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DocNow Digital Blackness

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Jules, Bergis (2017). DocNow Digital Blackness [Dataset]. Dryad.


This dataset includes 2,995 tweets collected using the keyword "BlackDigArchive" and 1,888 tweets collected using the hashtag "#BlackDigArchive".

The second Documenting the Now symposium, "Digital Blackness in the Archive", was held on December 11th and 12th, 2017 and addressed issues at the intersection of archival practice and the existence of Black people on the web and social media. Invited speakers discussed their work on the Black experience in online spaces including research on joy and creativity expressed by Black people on the web, cultural and social expression, activism and other acts of resistance, the Black experience with state sponsored online surveillance, and racism and bias in algorithm and social media platform design. The program was an opportunity for the general public, activists, archivists, library and museum professionals, and the academic community, to learn and share together in conversations about digital culture and digital archives that center blackness. 



The tweet ids were collected using the DocNow prototype Twitter collecting tool.


Usage notes

Because of the restrictions in the Twitter terms of service, only tweet ids can be shared publicly. If you would like to turn the ids in this dataset back into the original tweets, you can use the DocNow Hyrator application.