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Hawaiian forest bird foraging height

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Wilson Rankin, Erin et al. (2018). Hawaiian forest bird foraging height [Dataset]. Dryad.


Data relevant to study on the foraging height of Hawaiian forest birds collected in kipuka along the Saddle Road, Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve.

Usage notes

All data files have a metadata tab describing the variables.

Canopy.xlsx describes the canopy height for forest fragments with other forest fragment characteristics (e.g. fragment size, elevation, rat removal treatment)

Arthropods.xlsx describes the proportion of arthrood biomass throughout the canopy using sticky card traps at 3 heights: low (2m), mid (halfway between low and high traps), and high (1m from top of tree). Measurements are for mutliple trees within each forest fragment.

Canopy.utilization.xlsx describes the degree to which birds were observed using the canopy, for example, did they use a lot of the canopy (move throughout the canopy) or specialize in upper canopy?

Foraging.behavior.xlsx describes a subset of the data for which we had extensive foraging behavior observations.

Foraging.height.xlsx descirbes the foraging height of Hawaiian forest birds collected across the entire observation period.


Upper Waiākea Forest Reserve, Hawaii 96720, USA