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Predicting Cognitive Decline

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Weiner, Michael W. (2013). Predicting Cognitive Decline [Dataset]. Dryad.


These data were acquired with the overall goal of determining the regional and longitudinal pattern of changes in the brain which best predict future cognitive decline and dementia due to Alzheimer's disease (AD). The data set includes longitudinal clinical evaluation, cognitive testing, and neuroimaging assessments from a non-demented study population aged 65 and up who complain of memory problems and show some indication of memory and/or executive functioning below age/gender/education adjusted norm.


Data Acquisition Location: San Francisco VA Medical Center; Scanner Type: Siemens Vision 1.5T; Coronal T1 MPRAGE: TR=9ms, TE=4ms, TI=300ms, 1x1mm2, 3mm slice thickness; Axial double spin echo PD & T2: TR=5000ms, TE=20/85ms, 1x1.25mm2, 3mm slice thickness