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Automatic Labeling of Special Diagnostic Mammography Views from Images and DICOM Headers


Lituiev, Dmytro et al. (2019), Automatic Labeling of Special Diagnostic Mammography Views from Images and DICOM Headers, Dryad, Dataset,


Applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to medical images requires a thorough selection and normalization of input data. One of such steps in digital mammography screening for breast cancer is the labeling and removal of special diagnostic views, in which diagnostic tools or magnification are applied to assist in assessment of suspicious initial findings. As a common task in medical informatics is prediction of disease and its stage, these special diagnostic views, which are only enriched among the cohort of diseased cases, will bias machine learning disease predictions. In order to automate this process, here, we develop a machine learning pipeline that utilizes both DICOM headers and images to predict such views in an automatic manner, allowing for their removal and the generation of unbiased datasets. We achieve AUC of 99.72% in predicting special mammogram views when combining both types of models. Finally, we apply these models to clean up a dataset of about 772,000 images with expected sensitivity of 99.0%. The pipeline presented in this paper can be applied to other datasets to obtain high-quality image sets suitable to train algorithms for disease detection.


Data represents model weights as described on the Github page

e5ce2d69b035975cb5336cec0da9a32a -- general image model (99 x 99 pixels)

e8e71fc090141d7c6fb334359152d295 -- wire localization model (399 x 399 pixels)



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