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Disparities of HIV risk and PrEP use among transgender women of color in South Florida.

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Perez-Gilbe, Hector R. et al. (2018). Disparities of HIV risk and PrEP use among transgender women of color in South Florida. [Dataset]. Dryad.


Background:  The majority of the transgender female population in South Florida are Latina and Black, and are at greatest risk for acquiring HIV, yet there is limited research focused on South Florida transgender women of color. The study objective was to describe the disparities among racial/ethnic minority transgender women regarding HIV screening, pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) knowledge and PrEP utilization.

Methods: Sixty transgender women, recruited from South Florida community-based organizations, completed a questionnaire on HIV prevention and PrEP awareness and use. Univariate statistics were generated to describe sexual risk behavior, PrEP awareness and use, and HIV screening by race/ethnicity.

Results: Of the 60 participants, 50% were Latina, 35% African American/non-Hispanic Black (AA/NHB), 12% white and 3% other race/ethnicity.  75% reported being screened for HIV in the last 12 months, 15% of the participants reported living with HIV (PLWH), while 19% reported an unknown status. Compared to Latinas, AA/NHB demonstrated more risk (>1 sexual partner: 76% vs 57%; transactional sex: 49% vs. 29%; unprotected receptive anal sex: 43% v. 27%), yet had less engagement in routine care (77% vs. 86%).  PrEP knowledge was 77% among Latinas, 71% among whites, 48% among Blacks, and 50% among other race/ethnicity. 65% of participants knew about PrEP. Of the 8% with current or previous PrEP use, none were African American.

Conclusion: Findings suggest that education and public health campaigns in South Florida that promote HIV prevention should focus on increasing awareness and utilization of PrEP among racial/ethnic minority transgender, particularly among AA/NHB transgender women who are most at risk and had the lowest knowledge and use of PrEP.


Data was collected via questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS 22.0


GLBT Community Projects Fund at The Miami Foundation, Award: PR-15-25569