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A telltale sign of irreversibility in transcriptional regulation

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Shelansky, Robert et al. (2022). A telltale sign of irreversibility in transcriptional regulation [Dataset]. Dryad.


Transcription occurs in stochastic bursts, i.e., transcription events are temporally clustered. The clustering does not ensue from environmental fluctuations but springs from the intrinsically stochastic behavior of the regulatory process that controls transcription. Based on microscopic observations of transcription at a single gene copy of yeast, we show that the regulatory process is cyclic and irreversible, i.e., the process violates the detailed balance conditions for thermodynamic equilibrium. The theoretical significance of this finding is discussed.


Raw MFM microscopy images have been sliced and registered according to z position into an image stack. Subsequently, a maximum intensity projection and background subtraction was completed using a darkfield image. Puncta were detected, intensities quantified and molecular traces were obtained. These traces are captured in this dataset. In addition, "on" and "off" states were assigned to each frame in each trace. These binerized traces are also present. 

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Hinrich Boeger, Corrosponding author.


National Science Foundation, Award: 2111763