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Soil chemistry and dry season intensity, Panama Canal Area

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Turner, Benjamin L.; Condit, Richard (2022). Soil chemistry and dry season intensity, Panama Canal Area [Dataset]. Dryad.


Woody plant species were surveyed at 72 locations near the Panama Canal, spanning geological formations and a rainfall gradient. Soil chemistry, and dry season intensity at all the sites. Response of tree species to environmental gradients was estimated. The soil and climate data are provided in a single table here. Tree distributions are published at Condit et al. (2013a), including a data archive in Condit et al. (2013b). Note that the PNAS article incorrectly cites the data archive; the link below is correct.


The README file includes descriptions of columns in the data table. Details on methods for soil chemistry are given in references listed below. The Condit et al. (2013a) paper in PNAS has an accompanying data archive (Condit et al. 2013b), referred to below as PNAS archive.

Usage notes

Data are in a tab-delimited ascii file. There are 77 locations with latitude, longitude, and elevation given. See README file.


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National Science Foundation, Award: 0948585

United States Department of Defense

United States Agency for International Development