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Surrounding forest cover dataset 2005

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Morales, David; Cole, R. J.; Holl, Karen D.; Zahawi, R. A. (2014). Surrounding forest cover dataset 2005 [Dataset]. Dryad.


Forest cover within 100 and 500 m radii from the center of each experimental plot was hand digitized from ortho-rectified 2005 aerial photographs and comprehensively ground checked. Forest cover spans a range from <1% to 66% within a 100-m radius surrounding the plots and from 9% to 89% in a 500-m radius.


Used in varous publications. Research plots described in Holl, K. D., J. L. Reid, R. J. Cole, F. Oviedo-Brenes, J. A. Rosales, and R. A. Zahawi. 2020. Applied nucleation facilitates tropical forest recovery: Lessons learned from a 15-year study. Journal of Applied Ecology 57:2316-2328.

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