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UVS Occultation Altimetry Code and Synthetic Data

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Abrahams, Jacob (2020). UVS Occultation Altimetry Code and Synthetic Data [Dataset]. Dryad.


This contains the code used to produce the figures in our UVS Occultation Altimetry manuscript, as well as the observation locations and synthetic data required to run the code.

There are 9 .txt files, one is our nominal shape model, one is the set of chord ingress and egress points, three of them contain the locations of radar altimetric measurements for different truncation altitudes, and four of them contain precomputed lengths corresponding to our nominal shape model for each of the radar location files and the chord location file. In addition, there are two .py files, one containing all the functions required by the code, and one containing all the plotting routines to make the figures in the associated manuscript.

To use this repository, open and run and then you can run each of the plotting functions individually to make the figures in the paper. Each of those plotting functions is also meant to work as a demonstration of how to use the code to fit shape models using the provided datasets, so that a reader can explore other aspects of this problem as they see fit.