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Seismic moment rate and recurrence interval of small-size earthquakes from a 3-D perspective


Ji, Yingfeng (2017), Seismic moment rate and recurrence interval of small-size earthquakes from a 3-D perspective, Dryad, Dataset,


Repeating postseismic event sequences associated with featured variations of the moment magnitude spectrum and recurrence interval have been fruitfully studied by previous researchers. However, similar features of recorded regular earthquakes are much less frequently observed due to their lower event recurrence frequencies and the range or accuracy limits of the employed observation systems. Based on rapidly increasing catalogs of earthquakes with high-resolution epicenter locations made possible in recent decades and combined with three-dimensional (3-D) numerical calculation techniques, we employ a 3-D seismic density sphere method that recognizes the vertical depth as a similar dimension as the horizontal distance to more quantitatively investigate the seismic moment-recurrence interval (M0-SI) relationship in known seismically active regions in Japan. A subset of 49 seismogenic zones of the 1.8 million events collected in fifteen years show that the logarithm of the seismic interval for regular events is likely proportional to the logarithm of the seismic moment. The recorded M5+ earthquakes preferentially recur at a plate convergent margin, where larger seismic moment rates are calculated. We therefore present a scaling law for regular earthquakes between the seismic moment and the seismic interval in which the scale coefficient is determined by the seismic moment rate which is possibly related to the dimensions of the fault slip behavior and similar to an M0-SI relationship of the detected the pre- and postseismic repeating earthquake sequence. The seismic moment rate influences the earthquake recurrence frequency, which varies by area and depth.

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JSPS KAKENHI Grant, Award: 16H04040

JSPS KAKENHI Grant, Award: 16H06477