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Data from: Wood density of trees in savannas of the northern Brazilian Amazon


Jati, Sewbert Rodrigues; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Imbrozio Barbosa, Reinaldo (2017), Data from: Wood density of trees in savannas of the northern Brazilian Amazon, Dryad, Dataset,


Wood density (WD) is an important variable for estimating tree carbon stocks in terrestrial ecosystems. WD has been little studied in savanna areas in the Brazilian Amazon. The aim of this study was to investigate variation in WD in eight tree species that occur in the open savannas of Roraima, the largest savanna area in the northern Brazilian Amazon. Variations were observed in WD in relation to species and diameter along the vertical dimension of 75 individuals sampled at six study sites. We used the direct method to obtain wood pieces from the stem and crown. The results indicated significant interspecific differences. Roupala montana Aubl. was the species with highest WD (0.674 g cm-3). Significant variation in WD was found between the stem and the woody parts of the crown, irrespective of species or sampling site. The wood density of branchs with diameter between 5 and 10 cm can be used as a predictor of individual WD for the whole tree. We conclude that the WD of the eight tree species investigated has interspecific variability and that there is a discrepancy between the WD of stem and the woody parts of the crown. Distinctions detected here provide an important tool for improving tree carbon estimates in Amazonian savannas.

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