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Environment and genotype influence on Populus tremuloides condensed tannin composition


Rubert-Nason, Kennedy; Yang, Phia; Morrow, Clay; Lindroth, Richard (2023), Environment and genotype influence on Populus tremuloides condensed tannin composition, Dryad, Dataset,


This dataset contains concentration and molecular structural information (mean degree of polymerization, procyanidin:prodelphinidin ratios, stereochemistry) describing condensed tannins in Populus tremuloides (aspen) tree foliage in different genotypes and in response to altered environmental conditions (warming, freeze damage, ozone exposure, elevated carbon dioxide, elevated soil nutrients, altered soil microbiome, mammal browsing, and insect herbivory).


Condensed tannins were analyzed by extraction from vacuum-dried, finely ground foliage into methanol, followed by thiolysis and quantification by ultra high performance liquid chromatography with negative electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Missing values (due to failure of analytical method or quality assurance criteria) were coded as 'null.' The individual field and glasshouse-based experiments from which the specimens used in creation of these data were sourced, along with the full analytical method, are cited below:

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Rubert-Nason KF, Lindroth RL (2019) Analysis of condensed tannins in Populus spp. using reversed phase UPLC-PDA-(-)esiMS following thiolytic depolymerization. Phytochem Anal 30:257-267.

Usage notes

Datasets corresponding to each experiment including relevant citations are indexed by tab in Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) format; a metadata tab defines abbreviations used in column headings. 


National Science Foundation, Award: DEB-0841609

National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Award: 2016–7013-25088