Data from: Conodont size, trophic level and the evolution of platform elements.

Ginot S, Goudemand N

Date Published: April 15, 2019


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Title Length measurements for P1 conodont elements and their space / time context
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Description Length measurement for P1 elements were obtained from the bibliography (references in table), using measurement tool from the GIMP software. All studied material were complete enough that total length could be measured. data associated to each element include genera and species name, presence of a 'platform' morphology, the reference, the stratigraphic context as defined in the reference and the geographic location of the specimen collection. NB: Coordinates are for the most part VERY approximate, and are not raw data from the reference, but our estimation based on what information the original authors gave.
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Ginot S, Goudemand N (2019) Conodont size, trophic level, and the evolution of platform elements. Paleobiology, online in advance of print.

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Ginot S, Goudemand N (2019) Data from: Conodont size, trophic level and the evolution of platform elements. Dryad Digital Repository.
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