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Drosophila wing disc cell morphology in timelapse


Dye, Natalie; Popovic, Marko (2021), Drosophila wing disc cell morphology in timelapse, Dryad, Dataset,


Here we provide measurements of cell morphology in the proliferating Drosophila larval wing disc, specifically the wing disc pouch, as it grows in ex vivo culture. The tables provided here include measurements of cell morphology (area and elongation) at each timepoint in each of 5 wing disc samples. For cell elongation, we report the elongation values for each of its component triangles (formed by connecting the cell to the center of its neighbors). We also provide a table that reports for each movie the x,y position of a point calculated as the center of radial cell elongation symmetry.


Timelapse movies of E-cadherin-GFP expressing wing discs were acquired as described in Dye et al 2017. Briefly, they were grown in Grace's media containing 20nM 20-hydroxyecdysone in a glass-bottom dish covered with a porous filter (using a double-stick tape spacer) at 25C. A spinning disc microscope was used to acquire Z-stacks (0.5um Z-steps, 0.2x0.2 um/pixel in x and y) every 5min for ~13hr. For each timepoint, the apical surface was projected onto 2D. TissueAnalyzer (FIJI plugin) was used to segment and track each cell over time, and TissueMiner (Etournay et al 2016) was used for further analysis. We corrected cell area and elongation for local curvature as described in Dye et al 2017 and Dye et al 2020. For each movie, we also calculated the center of radial cell elongation symmetry, as described in Dye et al 2020.

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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Award: EA4/10-1, EA4/10-2